Almond Tree Designs now provides our range of prints for school and other fundraisers within Melbourne, with the Positive Prints fundraising launched in the first half of 2012.  We have received great feedback on this initiative so far!
The Almond Tree Positive Prints is a risk free event, with no initial outlay so no pesky budgets to fit into.
We supply you with a range of prints for your school fete or market, and then what ever is not sold is simply returned to us. The items that you sell, you then keep 50% of the proceeds from.
Not holding a fete or market any time soon, but would still like to be a part of the Postive Prints fundraising drive? Not a problem, we provide you with some samples, and an electronic catalogue that you can then print and/or send out for people to order from.
Key benefits for you:
- There is no initial outlay, we provide you the products before your event, and then you just return what is sold
- Profit from the sales goes straight to your fundraiser, so there is no risk involved
- We work with all schools and organisations within Melbourne, regardless of size
How it works:
- Simply let us know the date and location, and we will package up a range of our most popular prints, and provide you with a display unit
- We also provide you with a sample print swatch, so any prints that you sell out of or are not provided, can be ordered and picked up after the event
- You sell what items you can on the day
- You then return whatever is not sold, and we will invoice you for those items that were sold.
- You retain 50% of the sales profits
- We donate an A2 canvas (RRP $129) to your event for fundraising/raffle purposes.
If you would like to take part, please email with details of your event.