Fundraising FAQ's

How does it work?

Our fundraising is modelled to a degree on the chocolate drives that seem to be quite popular. You have two options in our fundrasing, or you can choose to combine them for even bigger results.

Order form: Each child takes home an order form, and catalogue and collects orders and money. You then collate the orders either by class room or in total, and send the orders to us. We will then package up and send this to you within 1 week.

Market Stall: We provide you between 50 – 200 posters for your event, along with some display units to use at the event. People simply purchase on the day, and then you return any unsold stock to us. You are only required to pay 50% of the amount sold!

Our school doesn’t have a lot of spare cash, what can we do?

This approach is perfect.  There are no upfront costs – you maintain your share of the profits at all times.

How much should we order?

What we generally suggest is to advise us how many people you are expecting, and we then send you our best sellers – we will try and send you more than you will sell so as to maximize on your fundraising.

When should we let you know what we need?

Pleasen try and let us know a month before the event, so that we can ensure we have plenty of stock on hand for you to sell!  However, if you have an urgent request, we will still try and work something out for you!